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Full Name: Angelina Jolie Voight
Nicknames: Angie, Jellybean, and Bunny
Occupation: Actress
Date of Birth: June 4, 1975
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Calif.
Sign: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries
Height: 5''7"
Family: Father: Jon Voight (actor); mother: Marcheline Bertrand (former actress); brother: James Haven Voight (director);
son: Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie; daughter: Zahara Marley Jolie

exchanged vows in a Buddhist ceremony with actor Brad Pitt;
ex-husband: Billy Bob Thornton (actor, director, writer) married on May 5, 2000 and divorced on May 27, 2003;
ex-husband: Jonny Lee Miller (actor) married on March 28, 1996 and divorced on February 3, 1999

Education: Attended Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and New York University (majored in film)
Film Debut: "Lookin' to Get Out" at the age of seven

1997: Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie, George Wallace
1998: National Board of Review: Breakthrough Performance Award, Playing by Heart; cited with Billy Crudup (Without Limits)
1998: Golden Satellite: Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TV, Gia
1998: Golden Globe: Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TV, Gia
1998: Screen Actors Guild: Female Actor (Television Movie or Miniseries), Gia
1999: Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, Girl, Interrupted
1999: Screen Actors Guild: Female Actor in a Supporting Role (Theatrical Motion Picture), Girl, Interrupted
2000: Oscar: Best Supporting Actress, Girl, Interrupted
2000: ShoWest: Supporting Actress of the Year
2005: People's Choice Awards, USA: Favorite Female Action Movie Star

Scars/Tattoos: She has a scar on her hand, and a faint one below her jaw line.  She has several tattoos:  a box design on her hip, a Chinese dragon on her left arm, a rune-shaped design on her left wrist, two tribal designs on her backside, the Japanese symbol for "death" on her shoulder, and the Latin words "Quod me nutrit me destruit" on her stomach meaning "What nourishes me also destroys me."

Fan Mail: 
Angelina Jolie

C/O Industry Entertainment
955 Carrillo Drive
3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Angelina Jolie
1901 Ave. of the Stars # 680
Los Angeles, CA 90067-6008

Angelina Jolie
c/o William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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